Bogen CT-100c - AUDIO AMPLIFIER & MIXER - w/10 band equalizer


For Sale: Commercial quality combo mixer and amplifier formerly used in a small church.

Working 100%- good sound quality, no static, no hum, no distortion. Optional compression. Nice understated design. The previous owner made a small translucent amber guard to go in front of the EQ sliders, it's easily removable.

Features 6 female XLR microphone jack inputs, two RCA Aux. inputs, tape output jacks, and more.

The manual can be found online, just Google for it...

Here is a video taken during testing:

Specs from the online universe:

100 watts, 6 Lo-Z transformer-isolated Mic inputs, Professional 3-pin female Mic connectors.

The CT-100C public address amplifier offers features and performance previously available only in custom assemblies. The amplifier is rated at 100 watts RMS.

The CT-100C mixes seven input signals; six microphones and one auxiliary input. A built-in 2/3-octave equalizer boosts or attenuates and of ten selected frequencies to suit individual room requirements. A compressor circuit assures uniform output. Circuitry is also included for mic precedence and remote volume control (using accessory RVC-CTS controller.) Provisions are included to supply phantom power to condenser microphones.

Balanced and unbalanced outputs are provided for 4, 8, and 16 ohm speaker systems and for 25 volt and 70 volt constant voltage systems. Standard phono jacks are supplied for connection to a tape recorder or booster amplifier. Two similar amps can be bridged together to double the number of inputs and outputs available. Use of an accessory transformer permits feeding a 500/600 signal into the amp or connecting the output to a 500/600 line. The amplifier is protected against overloads or short circuits.

Additional high resolution photos may be available, contact for more information.

Email me your zip code + city for a shipping quote- should be between $14.99 and $30.99 if you are in the United States. (Jan. 2022).


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