HTC Vive BASE STATIONS 1.0 SteamVR w/ OEM Adapters + wall mounts


For Sale:  These are in nice shape and appear to be working 100%.

When plugged in you can hear them vibrating slightly from the motor or whatever is inside. You can see the IR lights are working when viewed through a digital camera.  When powered up has a blue light and an a or b or c letter in lower left, pressing button on back will change the letter channel. LED light turns green but if you move the unit it turns blue for a little while, then changes back to green.  Both units work the same.

One power supply is an original 2.5 amp 12 volt TC_NE30W-US, the other is a Netgear 3.5 amp 12 volt, both work perfectly.

The mounts are complete and in good shape.

More higher resolution photos are available on request. 

Send city and zip code for a ship quote- should be between $XX.99 and $XX.99 if you are located in the United States. (Dec. 2023). 


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