Leap-Frog FLY PEN with dock, speaker, battery, & accessories


For Sale- Fly Pen lot.

Includes original Fly power supply/AC adapter,Fly Journal cartridge, Math Multiplication and Division cartridge, stock plaing cartridge, carrying case, dock, and tested/working external speaker. Everything appears to be in good shape. There are also two batteries included- at least one is holding a good charge, other one was not checked but does charge up in the dock. I did not get any books with this so it has not been fully tested but have no reason to think it is not working 100%.

When you press the power switch it plays the Fly sound and green light comes on. When you place pen in dock the green light comes on.

Send your zip code for ship cost- should be between $5.95 and $6.95 if you are in the continental USA (Nov. 2012).

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