1,000 Swabs. That's right - 1000 SWABS! New in packaging.


For Sale:  10 packs of 100 swabs. Unless it's 10 packs of 1000 swabs which seems unlikely . Marked 1005-00-912-4248, Swab, Small, 1000 Ea. DAAA09-85-F-0004   C/C 2/85.

Almost certainly from 1985, a very good year for swabs.

I looked the number up online and came up with:


1005-00-912-4248 A piece of fabric, wick, twine, or the like, usually of cotton, of various shapes or lengths, designed for use with a PULLTHROUGH, SMALL ARMS CLEANING; or ROD, CLEANING, SMALL ARMS in the cleaning of small arms weapons.

Part Alternates: 11686408, 711419705709 , 1005-00-912-4248, 00-912-4248, 1005009124248, 009124248

Weapons | Guns, through 30mm

10 01 JAN 1960 00-912-4248

More higher resolution photos are available on request. 

Send city and zip code for a ship quote- should be between $6.99 and $7.99 if you are located in the United States. (Dec. 2023). 


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