Japanese Pachislo Skill Slot Machine - TACO SLOT - working well



This is a tested and working classic Mizuho "Pachislo Skill Stop Slot Machine". It shows a little wear on the outside but not bad at all. The graphics are all in nice shape.

It's been cleaned up some, can use a little more detailing if you want. Internally there is some oxidation on some of the metal parts near the bottom, everything still works fine and none of the electronics are effected. The motorized coin hopper has some tape over the front, works fine. The particle board on the bottom of the machine is a bit crumbly in places but still solid overall, see photos.

It's working 100% as far as I can tell. All the lights work, all buttons work, the audio/sounds works, wheels spin correctly. The red numeric displays credit and pay are working, haven't seen the center green display numerals light up while playing but haven't ever got to the Bonus round.... Comes with about a dozen or so tokens - you will want more tokens if you plan on using this regularly. Tokens are available online and they are not too expensive. Have played a couple hundred spins and found no issues- when jackpot is won it either adds credits or spits out the tokens depending on which way the red switch on the left side is activated, as expected. If it's set to eject tokens and there are not enough tokens in the hopper it displays "H.E." (hopper empty) in the right numeric display and the red lights on the top start flashing and a tone sounds which means an attendant is supposed to come to reset the machine if you were in a casino. It won't operate again until you reset it.

Resetting would usually require a reset key but have installed a wire/switch in that will do the same thing as turning the key. Does not come with either key (front door key/reset key) but the front is not locked and you can open in up by reaching through the back and moving the bar up which allows to access the internal power switch, reset buttons, and reset key switch. You can also purchase replacement keys online.

There is actually some skill involved unlike most slot machines if you figure out the correct timing of the buttons you can win consistently. Skill level can be set from 1-6 using the reset button. It's currently set at 6 which is the easiest.

"Taco" refers to an octupus character apparently popular in Japan.

YouTube video taken to demo working condition: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ppeF1R8rVBM

Additional and/or high resolution photos are available on request. 

 (Nov. 2023). 


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