PEPPER SEEDS - Jalapeno, Cubanelle, Poblano, Bell++ + FREE SHIP!



NOTE: the eggplant seeds are not available this year, will substitue something else.

Fresh 2023 stock for 2024 planting. Organically grown here in NJ in my own backyard- plants received no treatment of any kind and the only fertilizer used was composted manure.

You get approx. 25-35 seeds of each type. Approx. 200+ seeds total. Includes 7 types of peppers both hot and sweet plus bonus Pingtung Long eggplant seeds.  All the peppers start out green and will turn deep red if you let them grow long enough. Shipped in regular envelope in individual mini resealable zip lock bags. Most of these seeds have been grown for generations here in New Jersey (the Garden State if you did not know) and I've always selected the healthiest and most prolific plants to save seeds for the next year. Everything is open pollinated so always a chance for hybrids but 95-100% should grow true. Need more seeds or special order let me know. Also have tomato seeds Jersey Devil, Sioux, and Rutgers. Basil, Oregeno, Black Seeded Simpson lettuce, Paris Island Romaine Lettuce, Cilantro, and more.

 - Poblano -  this is a mildly hot pepper that will lose 99% of it's heat if you slice and fry it. Used mainly for chilis  rellenos but is great on salads, with salsa, pork, chicken, with onions, etc. etc. Dark green, sometimes almost brownish.

 - Cubanelle - sweet frying pepper. Starts out very light green.

 - Bell pepper - probably California Wonder type but since I got indirectly from a local grower not positive. Standard thick walled bell very tasty. Usually dark green can develop yellow and orange too.

 - Jalepeno -  standard mildly hot pepper great for pickling and salsa.

 - Serrano  - small pepper, pretty hot, deliscioso!

 - Cayenne Long Slim - prolific grower, easy to dry and crush up for seasoning. Great for salsa. Pretty hot...

 - Habenero - fiery hot with a distinctive citrus overtaste. Add a small amount to salsa and it adds a lot to the flavor. Ends up bright red can develop yellowish or orangish too.

Bonus: Pingtung Long eggplant seeds. Long purple eggplant with very mild flesh. I slice these up like little coins and fry with olive oil. Great with a little marinara sauce on top but also great with just salt, they remind me a bit of french fries when you cook them just right. Overcook and the will get very soft but still delicious.

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