NES Nintendo 52 in 1 GAME CARTRIDGE, Famicom with adapter


Tested and working multicart in good shape. Works with Nintendo NES game system.

I think it's a Famicom type cart but not positive. Includes the adapter that came with it fits the NES. I tested some but not all of the games and all the ones checked worked fine. Games like Galaga and Galaxian seem to be faithful to the arcade versions. Menu pages are actual screenshots from the cartridge when hooked up to system and TV.

Note- on some NES consoles this may not lock in the down position and you will have to improvise something to keep it in the correct position.

On my main unmodified NES console this works great, starts up to the menu screens every time, all games seem 100%.  On another unmodified NES console it would restart every few seconds until I disabled the lockout chip, easy to do, just do online search. Now works 100%. Not sure why but will guess they use different motherboards.

The listing photos show the cart attached to the adapter backwards.

Please see photos for details.

Send your zip code for a shipping quoute- should be between $4.95 and $5.95 if you are in the USA. (March 2024).

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