Hammond tonewheel organ E-311 - PARTING OUT - parts for repair


For Sale: Note that $10 is NOT the cost for all the parts shown in photos. Please send me your want list and zip code and will quote you a price.

This organ was parted out because although working to some extent it had issues which I could not repair. When I first got it the tonewheel was very noisy and screechy but after applying oil and a couple months of periodically powering it up the noise for the most part went away.

All the keys were working. Sounded pretty nice. All the drawbars worked except for one of the upper ones which I could not get to put out any sound at all.  Chimes were working, banjo etc. all working. Reverberation was very faint. Vibrato seemed good, chorus seemed good. No reverb at all. All presets seemed good. The first four notes of the bass pedals worked and sounded good, pressing any of the remaining bass pedals all sounded the same note. Volume pedal was working correctly.

Here is a demo video of the organ being "played":  https://drive.google.com/open?id=1UVIVavDQjVbnfM-kprbAitprtGY5sdV4

Email for additional and/or higher resolution images.

Email your zip code and want list for a shipping quote. (June 2019).


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