Sony CMT-NEZ30 compact - STEREO SYSTEM - w/CD player, cassette, AM/FM


For Sale: Fully tested and great sounding full featured compact stereo system. Mint or near mint shape.

YouTube demo video:

Working 100%, excellent sound, no issues. Has an "Audio In" 3.5mm jack for easy hookup to phones and MP3 players. CD player and tape player both carefully checked and both are working great- excellent sound, no skipping, all controls good, etc. Excellent FM stereo reception, includes original FM and AM antennas.

Has bass boost option which works well. Speakers can be placed a couple feet away from the main unit if you want for more room filling sound and stereo imaging.

Additional and higher resolution photos are available on request.

Message me your zip code/city for a shipping quote- should be between $11.99 and $19.99 if you in the USA. (May 2024). 


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