For Sale:  Tested and working flourescent type display that came with a high end computer case I picked up locally.

I used the free "LCD Smartie" software to use it to display news feeds, weather, CPU information, fan speed, temerature, or any text you want. It fit in a 3.5" floppy size slot in the case and there is a translucent plexiglass piece that goes in front of display and gives it a clean look when in operation.

It also has an infrared receiver built in so in theory you can use it to turn you computer on/off with remote control as well as many other functions. Did not get a remote with it. If I recall correctly just plugged into USB slot, connected the power cable to the PC power supply, installed LCD Smartie, and everything just worked. Was using Windows XP at the time, am sure it will be fine with 7, 10, etc. too.

Email for additional and/or higher resolution images.

Send your zip code for ship quote- should be between $4.99 and $5.99 if you are located in the lower 48 US states. (April 2019).


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