Logitech Playstation STEERING WHEEL-PEDAL force feedback USB


Tested and working Driving Force driving controller setup for Playstation 2- may work with Playstation 3 too.

Includes a power supply, misc. paperwork, lap adapter, and table clamps. Tested and everything seems to be working correctly- the racing game I used to test was not specifically made for use with the Force Feedback controller so I was not able to calibrate the wheel specifically for the game but still worked as expected. I am not much of a gamer and it was hard to keep car on the road but the force feedback, wheel, buttons, and pedals all functioned correctly. Since this uses a USB connection it may also be usable with on a PC but did not check.

Shipping should be between $9.00 and $17.00 if you are in the continental USA (Oct. 2012).

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