Fisher RS-717 AM/FM - STEREO RECEIVER - w/Yamaha speakers, phono input


For Sale:  Good quality classic (1980's) stereo receiver with excellent sounding Yamaha NS-AP6500F two way bookshelf size speakers. 80 watts per channel.

Demo YouTube video here:

Very little wear. Working 100%- all buttons, switches, display, functions, etc. tested good. Excellent full range sound quality with no hum or distortion,  Great FM stereo reception and stereo indicator is working correctly. Good station memory. Full size headphone jack.  Two AC outlets on the back for powering additional components. Phono jacks for connecting a classic turntable record player..

This has all the regular stereo receiver features and no extra surround sound stuff. You can hook up one or two sets of stereo speakers.

Additional and higher resolution photos are available on request.

Email or message me for a ship quote - it should be between $16.99 and $32.99 if you in the continental United States of America. (June 2024). 

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