For Sale: Includes

  1.  Verities & Balderdash - 1974 Elektra   7E-1012
  2. Living Room Suite -  1978 Electra 6E-142
  3. Short Stories - 1973 Elektra  EKS-75065
  4. Heads & Tales  1972 Elecktra EKS-75023
  5. Portrait Gallery - 1975 Elekta 7E-1041

Verities has a little bit of wear, small scuff on side B, side A pretty nice. Some dust. Includes insert pamphlet with lyrics, photos.

Living Room just a very small amount of wear evident, needs a good cleaning

Short Stories gatefold cover, some small stylus marks, dust, not too bad

Heads - gatefold cover, just a little wear and dust, might be in the best shape of the lot. WIth photo insert.

Portrait - gatefold, just a small amount of wear

Record was examined under bright light and just a small amount of wear, some superficial stylus marks if you look carefully at just the right angle.  There is dust evident and the album needs a good cleaning.  The cover shows very little wear and has no damage.  The dust jacket is original and in good shape.

Please note: this current batch of December 2023 records being listed here have not been cleaned- and many of them have a fari amount of dust on them. To see what dust jacket (if any) is included please check the photos- the included dust jackets will be at least partially shown in the photos. None of these records have been play tested and I don't grade them, rather just give an opinion on visual condition. I do not sell damaged or heavily scratched albums that look like they won't be playable unless specifically mentioned above.

Big big shipping discounts if you buy a bunch of records or items that can all be shipped Media Mail.  Even 9 pounds of vinyl can probably ship anywhere in the US for under $11.00.

Additional and/or higher resolution photos may be available on request.. 

Send your zip code and city for a shipping quote- should be between $5.99 and $6.99 if you are located in USA.  (Dec. 2023). 


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