Vinyl 12" singles - SPANDAU BALLET - DIAMOND BOX SET - CBOX 1353


For Sale: 4 album box set made in the UK 1982.

All four records are in very near mint condition. Checked carefully under bright light and don't see any marks or signs of wear.  There is dust that needs to be cleaned. Includes all the original dust jackets and the insert also in excellent shape.

The other box shows some wear, see photos.

A   Chant No 1 (Re-Mix) 8:03
B   Instinction (Re-Mix) 6:57
C   Paint Me Down (Re-Mix) 6:22
D   Coffee Club (Re-Mix) 6:47
E   She Loved Like Diamond 3:37
F   Pharaoh 6:54
G   Innocence And Science 4:36
H   Missionary

Note: this current batch of Oct. 2023 records being listed here have not been cleaned- and a lot of them have a bunch of dust on them. For info on what dust jacket (if any) is included please check the photos, the included dust jackets will be at least partially shown in the photos. Records have not been play tested and I don't grade them, just give an opinion on visual condition. I don't sell damaged or heavily scratched albums that look like they won't be playable unless mentioned specifically above.

Big big shipping discounts if you buy a bunch of records or items that can all be shipped Media Mail.  Even 10 pounds of vinyl can probably ship anywhere in the US for under $10.

Additional and/or higher resolution photos may be available on request.. 

Send your zip code and city for a shipping quote- should be between $3.99 and $4.99 if you are located in USA.  (October 2023). 


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