Bose - GEMSTONE SPEAKERS - CineMate 1-2-3, GS, GSX- dual drivers


For Sale: Two tested and working classic dual driver Bose Gemstone speakers.

The cables are NOT included.  You will either have to acquire the Bose cables or you will have to improvise or otherwise attach connections. There are 4 pins on each speaker and to the best of my knowledge they connect to each driver individually so you would have two 4 ohm connections to each speaker. If you wire each speaker in serial connection you will have two wires and an 8 ohm impedance speaker. If you wire them in parallel (not recommended) you will have two wires and a 2 ohm impedance speaker.

Excellent sound quality, all drivers are working correctly. Some minor cosmetic wear. One grill is removable, the other one doesn't really want to come off and don't want to force it.

Email for additional and/or higher resolution images.

Send your zip code for ship quote- should be between $8.99 and $14.99 if you are located in the lower 48 US states. (April 2019).


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