Dynavox DV4 MT4 Augmentative Communication Device tablet


Mint condition and works 100%.  Looks like it was set up once for a user but then never used at all.  

UPDATE March 2023: when tested some time ago battery was holding a full or near full charge. Can't say for sure how much it will hold now but since has not been discharged or charged in that time it's possible is still fine.

Includes everything that it came with originally plus a nylon carry case and strap which also appear unused.  Manuals, software CD, USB cable, original shipping paperwork, warranty card, and misc. paperwork.  Battery appears to be holding a full charge and original charger is included.  Has built in stand. As you probably know this is a device for people who can't speak or are disabled and allows them to communicate with others a using a touchscreen (or mouse/joystick/etc.) tablet computer that speaks.  It cost many thousands of dollars and was usually paid for by insurance companies. 
Following info thanks to http://www.spectronicsinoz.com/product/16271 :

DynaVox Series 4 provides communicators who have little or no speech with the tools necessary to unleash the power of their unique voices, and gives care team members the tools and resources to make it easy for augmented communicators to speak their minds.


  • Spontaneous expression. The DV4 and MT4 allow communicators with little or no speech to create messages quickly and easily. The natural message formation process makes conveying simple or complex thoughts easy and effortless.
  • Unparalleled access to vocabulary. Augmented communicators can access a wide range of vocabulary from a single page with the support of pop-up pages, menus and tabs.
  • Foundation for Success. Every DV4 and MT4 contains 17 pre-programmed page sets. These page sets were developed by a team of speech-language pathologists with decades of AAC experience, to meet the needs of adults, teens and children with varying cognitive and physical abilities. Providing the foundations for communication success, individual pages within page sets can be mixed and matched for greater flexibility.

    Medical and conversation pages make it easy for DV4 and MT4 communicators to initiate and participate in discussions on a wide-range of topics. Children and teen pages provide access to a variety of topics that allow children to communicate with friends, family and education professionals. Four page sets provide nearly 200 pages designed to meet the unique needs of auditory scanners.

    Templates offer a quick and easy way to create customised vocabulary without the need to create entire communication pages from scratch. Pages created with templates can be combined with one another, or with communication pages from pre-programmed page sets.

    The User Setup Wizard allows the entry of information specific to the augmented communicator, such as their first and last names, address, family members, etc. The information entered in the User Setup Wizard is then shared with the existing page/s sets – quickly customising the page sets to reflect the augmented communicator.

  • Gateway Series 4 is a language application program designed to target specific user populations developed by Joan Bruno, PhD, CCC-SLP, and is appropriate for augmented communicators ranging from preliterate toddlers to high functioning adults. The 1200+ pages included in Gateway Series 4 focus on language development, syntactical performance and spontaneous conversation. Gateway Series 4 is based on typical language development. Gateway Series 4 allows users to develop functional and effective conversational skills.

    For lots more information about Gateway including detailed information about the page sets, user profiles and teaching tools you can visit the Gateway to Language and Learning  site at http://gatewaytolanguageandlearning.com


  • Voices. Speech output on the Series 4 devices is powered by the standard DECtalk voices or natural-sounding VeriVox voices. Additionally, those who are currently able to speak can utilise DynaVox Systems Voice Retention Technology or VRT to record words and phrases in their voices for later use.
  • Accessibility. The DV4 and MT4 were designed with the spectrum of augmented communicators in mind. Multiple access methods and scanning configurations combined with screens that can easily be viewed indoors or out, make the DV4 and MT4 accessible to augmented communicators in virtually any situation.
  • DV4, MT4 and computer convenience. The DV4 and MT4Â’s on-line help provides clear and concise answers to your questions when you need them most. DynaVox Series 4 page editing software is provided free-of-charge so augmented communicators and their care teams can program new pages and vocabulary on a Windows-based PC. Transferring and backing up data is quick and easy.
  • Rate enhancement. Word, character and recency prediction. Abbreviation expansion and flexible abbreviation expansion increase the speed of communication.
  • Universal Remote Control. Augmented communicators with limited mobility can operate common household appliances and consumer electronics with infrared capabilities, including televisions, CD and DVD players, VCRs and Windows-based PCs
  • Multiple file formats. Play .wav and .mp3 files or record digitised speech sounds for playback on the DV4 or MT4.


The DV4 is approximately 2.5kgÂ’s (5.6 lbs) and comes in a case made of tough plastic. The case has a strong gripping surface, easy-to-find ports, and a moisture-resistant faceplate. Average battery run time for typical use is 12 hours.

  • Weight: 2.5kg (5.6 lbs)
  • Size: 30cm x 23cm x 8cm (12” x 9” x 3”)
  • Display: 12.1 active matrix colour TFT-LCD
  • Battery: 12 / 3.7V Li-Ion cells, pack is 7.4V @ 13.2Ahrs
  • Transformer/Charger: AC 100-240 V 1.0 A 50/60 HZ DC 12 V 3A
  • Average Battery Run Time: Continuous use – 12 hours
  • Operating System: WinCE

Access and Selection Methods

  • Touch screen with adjustable hold/release times, touch-enter/exit modes, audio touch

  • Morse code

  • Visual and audio scanning with auto, switch, 2-switch and inverse auto-scan options

  • Mouse pause and mouse click

  • Switch-joystick

  • Auto Zoom is available for touch enter selectors


  • DECtalk synthesised voices

  • Digitised speech is available using the built-in microphone.


  • Standard switch port – 2 jacks for standard switches.

  • 2 USB type B function connectors and one USB type A host

  • Serial port

  • Speaker port for external speaker or private audio scanning

  • Integral microphone and external microphone jack for digitised speech and sound

  • Infrared for learning universal remote control and accessing a computer

Operating Environment

  • Operating temperature: 0° to 50° C (32° to 122° F)

  • Storage temperature: 0° to 50° C (32° to 122° F)

Series 4 Page Editing Software Specifications

  • Windows XP

  • Windows 2000

  • Windows 98

Comparison between the DV4 and MT4

  DV4 MT4
Weight 2.5kg (5.6 lbs) 1.5kg (3.2 lbs)
Size 30cm x 23cm x 8cm (12” x 9” x 3”) 21cm x 15cm x 6cm (8.25” x 6” x 2.25”)
Display 12.1 active matrix colour TFT-LCD 6.4 Active Matrix Colour TFT-LCD
Battery 12 / 3.7V Li-Ion cells, pack is 7.4V 13.2Ahrs 8 / 3.7V Li-Ion cells, pack is 7.4V 8.8Ahrs
Transformer/Charger AC 100-240 V 1.0 A 50/60 HZ DC 12 V 3A AC 100-240 V 1.0 A 50/60 Hs DC 12 V 3A
Average Battery Run Time Continuous use – 12 hours Continuous use – 6 hours

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DynaVox DV4 is targeted at the following age ranges:

  • All Ages

DynaVox DV4 is designed to foster development in the areas of:

  • Communication
  • Resource preparation
  • Use of assistive technology
  • Environmental control

Users can access DynaVox DV4 in the following ways:

  • Mouse/ Trackball/ Joystick
  • Touchscreen
  • Single Switch
  • Multiple Switches

For answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and technical support visit:


Send your zip code for ship cost- should be between $9.95 and $19.95 if you are in the continental USA (Nov. 2015).


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