Garrard Synchro-Lab 95B - TURNTABLE PARTS - parting it all out


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For Sale: Please note that $7 is NOT the price for the entire turntable.

Please email me with your want list as well as city and zip code. At which point I will quote you a price you will like.

This works to a certain extent but has issues- needs maintenence, lubrication, etc. Overall very little wear.  Wood base is in nice shape. It powers up and platter spins up. The speed control lever is frozen and not going to force it. The tonearm moves freely and the cuing up/down is working. The headshell clip/sled is in good shape and attached wires also appear to be in good shape. There is a clip on the sled in place for use with certain cartridges. Motor is smooth and quiet.

Rear dustcover piece is missing as seen in photos.

Additional higher resolution photos may be available, contact for details.

Email me your zip code, city, and wish list for a price quote on the parts you need. (August 2020).

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