Onkyo CP-1046F - TURNTABLE PARTS -good motor, headshell, platter


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For Sale:  The price of $6.00 is NOT for the entire turntable.

UPDATE: The hinges are sold.

UPDATE II: The headshell has been sold

UPDATE III: the two rubber spring feet assemblies that are in usuable condition are sold, the other two in poor shape are still available

Please look at the listing photos and if you see parts you need email them to me along with your zip code and city of residence. I will quote you a price.

This turntable powers up and the platter spins up and green Quartz Lock light comes on for by speeds. Pressing the Play/Reject, Cueing, Search buttons have no effect.  No dust cover, no counterweight. Original platter, tonearm, cables, feet, circuit boards, etc.

Additional higher resolution photos may be available, contact for details.

Email me your zip code and city for a quote. (August 2020).


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