Acoustic Reasearch AR XA - TURNTABLE - w/Empire cart, new needle


For Sale: Tested and working vintage full manual stereo turntable.

This shows wear but is a good player. Speed sounds correct. Single motor model with good belt. Looks all original except the RCA cables and the tonearm holder.

Here is demo YouTube video:

The headshell is a genuine vintage AR, note that only one "tab" is left, however it still tightens up and the gold plated contacts connect reliably on both channels. Care should be taken when removing or inserting the headshell because if you break off the last tab you will have to get a replacement.

The cartridge is a classic Empire 2000 E/III and the stylus is brand new, less than 5 minutes play time on it just for testing. Sound quality is excellent full range with good bass and treble on both left and right channels. No hum or distortion.

The mat is a good quality rubber mat from an older Japanese table- when AR sold these they included a foam mat that always disintegrated over time, sometimes leaving a sticky mess on the metal platters.  The wood base has veneer issues as seen in the photos. The dust cover is original and no apparent chips or cracks, shows wear, can use a buffing to look much better. The tonearm wires look original, some wear on the grounding wire as usually occurs with these.  The RCA plugs were cut off when I found this so I added some on, spliced together, and covered with black electrical tape. You may want to solder on a new set of RCA cables and I will include a good quality set for free on request.  Lastly the tonearm holder was broken off when found so I improvised one out of metal wire. It works fine. Replacements are readily available online.

You can use this as is or restore with new wood, maybe sand down the metal plinth and repaint, upgrade the tonearm wires, get a new tonearm holder, buff the dust cover. Then you will have a turntable that not only works and sounds great but looks great too.

Additional higher resolution photos are available on request. 

Send your zip code and city for a shipping estimate- should be between $13.99 and $29.99 if you are in the US. (Feb. 2023). 


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