BQeel R1 Pro - Android 9 TV BOX COMPUTER - 4GB RAM, 32GB eMMC storage


For Sale:  Good condition, tested and working, no issues.

Will be reset to factory defaults. To use you attach to a TV or monitor with HDMI cable. You will need a regular USB mouse, and/or an inexpensive bluetooth remote, and/or a USB or bluetooth keyboard to use this.

Runs well, no stuttering or issues on HD video from YouTube. Dual band Wifi wireless works perfectly. Has Google Play store preinstalled so you can download all the apps you want. I had to update YouTube and if you want to use the Netflix that is built in you will certainly have to update that app too. Chrome works fine after updates.

Has two USB ports, a micro flash card port, wired ethernet port, HDMI port, AV port for older TV or attaching to a stereo system. Includes original AC adapter.

Additional and higher resolution photos are available on request.

Message me your zip code/city for a shipping quote- should be between $5.99 and $7.99 if you in the USA. (May 2024). 


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