Vintage 1993 PC game-DAEMONSGATE cd version, MS-DOS Imagitee


Rare PC game. Box is a bit crushed but still solid.

Contents are in mint or near mint shape. CD ROM and videotape show no signs of use at all. Includes CD ROM, original jewel case, 96 page manual, 2 mini map/posters, and some misc. paperwork.

Great item for the serious PC game collector.

Daemonsgate is a top-down RPG made by Imagitec Design. You play the role of a young hero who is the only hope left of saving the besieged city Tormis. It is surrounded by demonic hordes so itÂ’s no easy task!

You start off all by yourself at the "Pigge and Ballbearing" inn located within the city. However, new recruits for your party are not far off, so finding them should pose no problem. The game is fairly easy to get going and you'll be immersed in the gameplay before you know it.

The graphics are functional and I found the artwork fitting for a game of this type and age.) You can have conversations with many non player characters although most of them are generic and just walk around the map. The innkeepers tend to be more knowledgeable so they can be a valuable source of information. There are a few minor subplots and distractions from the main task as your journey progresses but the game is event driven so there is no passing task X before completing task Y first.

I did have fun finishing this game but it was hampered by bad designs in a few places. This is particularly true of the last level. Deamonsgate is a game of moderate difficulty but its fairly easy to discover actions required to advance the plot, so you probably won't find yourself being stuck and not knowing what to do next. All in all, it is a solid adventure RPG that will keep you busy travelling around temples and taverns in order to complete the quest at hand. If killing demons and saving cities does it for you, I guess you'll be right at home.


Send your zip code for ship cost- should be between $5.95 and $7.95 if you are in the continental USA (Nov. 2012).

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