Acoustic Research AR XA - MANUAL TURNTABLE - w/box & accessories

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For Sale:  Tested and working vintage AR turntable with Empire 3000 III phono cartridge and BRAND NEW needle (new needle not shown). Old working stylus also included.  Made in the USA probably 1970's.

The turntable is working 100% and has excellent sound quality thanks to the new stylus. This is the early two motor version and both belts are in good shape- the small belt is a brand new replacement.  Speed sound correct, see video below.

Includes original very worn box and packing material. Comes with the original black headshell (tabs all in good shape), brass counterweight, dust cover, metal 45 RPM adapter, empty AR oil canister, screwdriver, tonearm scale/balance with 6 weights, and plastic cartridge alignment thing.

A good quality rubber platter mat and a round piece of green felt from previous owner are also included. Platter mat has a little dimple in it, doesn't cause problems and should flatten out over time.

Both AC motors are working correctly. When you turn the power switch on sometimes the platter will slowly spin up (in correct direction), sometimes it will need a little push to get started, as expected with AC motors. The second motor is supposed to make sure it spins in the correct direction and also adds tourque. Later versions used a different single motor.

It looks like the previous owner replaced the tonearm wires as these are know to go bad. The wires work fine, the 5th grounding wire is kind of frayed but still works as there is no excessive ground hum.  The tonearm rest/holder looks original, is a bit loose but works fine. Can be tightened up with a little glue or replaced for a couple bucks, not necessary though.  The turntable and dust cover are not mint but overall show very little wear.

One of the tiny wires on the headshell had a tinier tab come unsoldered, I made a tiny patch cable, works fine, or you can resolder the tab if you prefer. (It's tiny)

YouTube demo video of the turntable (using old stylus, also included) :

Additional higher resolution photos are available on request. 

Send your zip code and city for a shipping estimate- should be between $14.99 and $29.99 if you are in the US. (Feb. 2023). 


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