Dell PowerEdge 2950 COMPUTER SERVER Xeon 5160/4x 300gb/20gb RAM

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For Sale: Tested and working industry standard Dell PowerEdge 2950 G5 server in excellent working condition.

This has two Intel Xeon 5160 dual core CPUs each running at 3.0GHz with 4MB cache. 4 cores total. Has 20GB ECC RAM memory installed and you can currently upgrade it to 32GB for just $7.50 shipping included by purchasing additional RAM from ebay. Includes four tested and working 300GB 10K SAS hard drives currently set up in RAID 5 formation. 2 built in gigbit ethernet ports, 2 VGA ports, serial port, 4 USB ports, DVD ROM drive.

At the moment VMWare Hypershere 6.0/ESXi is installed along with a bunch of Windows and Linux virtual machines. VMWare is a bare metal hypervisor that allows you to easily install and access virtual machine operating systems- Windows, Linux, Mac, etc. You can run Mac OSX, Linux, DOS, Windows 3.1, 95, 98, Vista, ME, XP, 7, 10, etc. all AT THE SAME TIME with access to virtual desktops from a single PC. Alternatively you can install just straight Windows or Linux or any normal OS.

Has two 750 watt redundant power supplies- only one is needed to be plugged in. Has a RAID card with 256mb cache memory.  Comes with 4 hot swap hard drive caddies and two HD bay covers. You can install up to six hot swap 3.5" hard drives either standard SATA or SAS type. Plus there are two SATA ports on the motherboard you can also use. There are two PCIe riser cards installed on the motherboard for expansion.

The fans on this 2950 unit are NOT that loud. These servers are notorious for having loud fans and even though this one is a bit louder than a normal desktop it's not really that bad except for about 10 seconds when you first start it up. If you are handy you can also easily modify the fans so that they are almost silent under normal workload- You Tube tutorials available online. I did notice when using the rightmost power supply the fans are louder, but since only use the innermost one it's not an issue for me- no idea why it works this way.

Set it up as a PLEX media server, host websites, design websites, host OwnCloud (currently installed), make a backup server, a file server, make a Minecraft or game server, etc. Use this server in a home lab to learn about System Administration, Linux, VM Management, Proxmox, QEMU, RAID, Docker, LXC, etc. etc.

Originally this setup probably cost about $5000, now can be yours for a mere pittance. Lots of people offering servers for sale but very few COMPLETE setups with a usable amount of RAM and four 300GB SAS hard drives at this price. Probably none. Buy it, learn with it, play with it, then sell it and get your money back. That's what I am doing.

Email for additional higher resolution photos.

Email your zip code for shipping quote- should be between $25.99 and $69.99 if you are in the continental United States. (Feb. 2019).


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