Epiphone Gibson E230TD - 1965 CASINO GUITAR - parts or repair

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For Sale: This is an original 1965 Epiphone Casino (same year/model John Lennon used). Serial number on inner label and back of headstock is 354239.

Looks like someone started a restoration decades ago but screwed it up and put it under the bed for 40 years. It is not in playable condition mostly due to the replaced fingerboard which appears fret slots were carelessly and improperly cut. No fret wires were ever installed.

Going to try to sell as a "complete" guitar before I part it out.

The pickups appear to be Gibson made P90's. I checked the neck pickup (has two black wires) with a meter and if recall correctly got somewhere around 8K ohms. Bridge pickup is still soldered/attached to wiring and has one white and one black wire. I think they are both original to the guitar but don't know for sure, they both appear to be 1960's or earlier, dog ear type. The 5 included tuners are Kluson Deluxe. I can't remember offhand what the tremolo assembly is called but pretty sure it's original to the guitar. The bridge is a Gibson ABR-1. All four knobs are original gold type. Pickguard am 100% sure is original and pretty good shape, slight bend in it as I think all these vintage ones have. Electronics all look original (not sure if there is a capacitor with the wiring or not) and in good shape, missing one pot and the 1/4" jack. Truss rod cover is in good shape.

Body and neck sanded down as shown. Binding looks like it was glued back in place, poorly in spots. Neck looks nice and straight and the neck joint is firmly attached to the body, does not appear to ever have been detached.

Honestly am not sure if or how repairable this guitar is. If you can replace the fretboard with one that has the fret slots cut correctly (by CAD machine hopefully) and do all restoration to the finish, can find the 6th Kluson tuner, find original 1/4" jack and missing pot, and a couple original screws, etc. you may have a great playable classic 65' Casino worth quite a bit of money.  Or if you need original pickups and other parts for your Casino this might be the donor you have been searching for.

Act quickly because probably in a short amount of time I am going to list the parts separately. The P90s by themselves should go for quite a bit, and all the other odds and ends should add up to a lot more then $1000. But it's a lot more work to sell all separate and could take quite a while to move it all. So do not delay and buy today.

Email for additional and/or higher resolution photos.

Send your zip code for a ship quote- should be between $19.99 and $39.99 if you are in U.S.A. (June 2018).


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