Sonos WIRELESS SPEAKERS - 2x Play:1, SUB (Gen 2), and Playbar

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For Sale: Audiophile quality tested and working perfectly wireless speaker set. Nice condition, near mint. The sound quality and imaging is quite good. 

When I first got these reset all to their factory default settings then created a free account with Sonos. Downloaded the app to my Android device and the free software to my Windows 10 computer (also available for Mac and iPhone). When the speakers were connected to my wireless network the app indicated they all neededa  firmware update which proceeded trouble free.  

Setup was pretty easy. The software makes it simple to connect with services like iTunes, Spotify, Tidal, YouTube Music, Pandora, and probably 100+ others. You can also listen to music directly from your phone or computer. There is one service that lets up upload your entire CD collection to the cloud and play back as FLAC or MP3. There is the free Sonos radio feature where you can add local stations like WPRB Princeton, WTSR Trenton, WRSU Rutgers, etc. and listen at the click of a mouse, or a tap on your mobile device. And podcasts, hundreds of thousands of other internet radio stations, etc. If you don't want to use wireless you can connect everything by wired ethernet cable instead.  

The Play:1 stands are genuine Sonos brand and are high quality.

The Play:1 and Soundbar have buttons on them that can Play/Pause playback and change the volume for the whole room. LED lights indicate status. You can add more speakers- surround sound, additional rooms, outdoor, etc. and control them all from your phone or computer. Play the same music from the same source on the entire system or different stuff in each room. The Playbar is made to hook up to your TV, currently just using it as a regular wireless speaker but there is an optical audio input on the back for connection. Believe that when you use the Soundbar as TV speaker you can use the Play:1s as surround sound speakers.

All the speakers work fantastic. It's hard to overestimate just how good these sound, especially the bass from the SUB unit. Other subs I've owned don't come close to what this can deliver... It weighs a ton, can slide under a couch or behind other furniture and still sounds just as good.

Can demo in front of house easily (no wires needed, just an AC outlet)

Additional higher resolution photos are available on request. 

Too much of a hassle and too heavy to ship, local pickup in 08610 zip code only, sorry (Feb. 2023). 


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