Nintendo NES - VIDEO GAME SYSTEM - w/new 72 pin adapter, Mario +

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For Sale: Classic NES system just refurbished 11/2019 with new 72 pin adapter with gold plated contacts.

Carefully cleaned and tested. The two original controllers are in excellent shape and all buttons are working correctly.  Power supply is original 12 VAC Nintendo. RF adapter is original.  Also including a set of red/yellow RCA cables for easy hookup to newer televisions.  The Zapper gun is in excellent condition but is untested as don't currently have any light gun games (like Duck Hunt) to test it with.  There is a 99% chance it works fine. The last two photos in the listing show me installing a new 72 pin adapter on an NES system.

Also included is a brand new in box Pelican NES controller, see photos. This is more of an SNES style control made for the NES

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Even with a new 72 adapter you often have to hit the reset button after loading up a new cartridge. Sometimes you have to re-insert the cartridge, turn the power on/off, clean cartridge terminals, BLOW ON THE TERMINALS before inserting, etc. to get a game to properly load up. This is because the game cartridge terminals can get worn out over the years and because of basic design of the NES system. These problems were fixed in the Super NES and N64...  EACH AND EVERY game sold with this system has been tested with this console and is working as it should, see photos.

The games have all been tested with this console and are working correctly.  They include:

 - Super Mario Bros.

- Skate or Die

 - Kings of the Beach

 - Top Gun

 - The Little Mermaid

 - Rad Racer

Email if you want to view additional/higher resolution photos.

Email me your zip code for a shipping cost estimate - should be between $10.99 and $18.99 if you're located in the continental USA.  (November 2019).


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