Panasonic DMR-E30 - DVD RAM VIDEO RECORDER - w/remote & manual

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For Sale: Excellent condition DVD reorder/player with original remote control and Owner's Manual.

Fully and carefully tested- working perfectly. Clean with very little wear. This can use standard blank DVD discs and also DVD-RAM discs which let you record up to 12 hours on one disc. DVD RAM discs are also eraseable.

Has Component, S-Video, and compositive video outputs, optical and analog audio outputs. Input by Svideo or composite. Fan cooled for long life. Timer option for scheduling recordings.  Great for dubbing VHS home movies to DVD- you will need a working VHS deck to do this.

From the web:

Panasonic's exciting DMR-E30 lets you record your favorite TV shows or home movies on blank DVD discs — imagine recordings that combine tape-free convenience with DVD's ultra-clean picture and sound quality! Camcorder owners will love making pristine DVD copies of videos for easy playback, or for sharing with friends and family. Plus, the DMR-E30 is a great DVD player too, with progressive-scan output for an improved picture with a compatible TV. You can make DVD recordings on rewritable DVD-RAM discs (for playback on the DMR-E30 and some Panasonic DVD players) or write-once DVD-R discs (for playback on most current DVD players). When you record a disc, the recorder writes a "table of contents" on each DVD, for easy searching. Using a double-sided rewritable DVD-RAM disc, you can record up to 4 hours of high-quality video in SP mode or up to 12 hours at VHS quality. DVD-RAM discs can be erased and re-recorded up to 100,000 times! But best of all, you get incredible flexibility: the DMR-E30 gives you advanced DVD-RAM recording and playback options that just aren't possible with a VCR.

Jump directly to any spot and begin playing or recording right away. You can arrange recorded programs for playback in any order you choose. Time Slip playback lets you watch the beginning of a recorded program, while the show is still recording! You can record one program, while watching another program you've previously recorded. A handy control on the remote lets you search through recorded segments quickly and precisely. For optimum picture detail and accuracy, the DMR-E30 features Hybrid VBR (variable bit rate) recording. This technology monitors the incoming signal and automatically dedicates more data to scenes that need it. When transferring video from analog sources (like a VCR) to DVD, time base correction

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