Squeezebox Classic SB3 - INTERNET RADIO RECEIVER - w/remote, AC

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For Sale: Tested and working Squeezebox3 in Slim Devices housing.

Carefully checked on all features, works perfectly, shows very little wear. Includes AC adapter, USB cable, and a Logitech Harmony 300 remote that already has the Squeezebox codes on it. You can add several more devices onto the remote by hooking up to your computer with the USB cable and going to Harmony site.

You can use with standard headphones or hook up to your stereo system by analog RCA cables, optical cable, or digital RCA cable.

Squeezebox Classic (SB3) (November 2005)

The Squeezebox Classic, aka Squeezebox3, aka SB3, aka Squeezebox 3rd Generation, has the fourth generation hardware. The features and most of the technical specifications are identical to that of the Squeezebox2. A new board and chassis design are used, as well as a new remote and internal Wi-Fi antennas. With the introduction of the "Duet" Squeezebox3 was renamed "Squeezebox Classic".

Because of the transition to Logitech during production, the SB3 was available in a Slim Devices and a Logitech housing.

Dimensions: 7.6"W × 3.7"H × 3.1"D (192 mm × 93 mm × 80 mm) including stand.

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