STEREO SYSTEM - Denon AVR-2400 receiver/CD player, speakers

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For Sale: Carefully tested and working complete home stereo system.

Includes Denon AVR-2400 stereo/home theater receiver with original remote control. The CD player is an audiophile quality single disc Denon DCD-620. Speakers are Jensen System 400 three way floor speakers.

Sound quality is excellent with no hum or distortion. Can get very loud and still sound great. Excellent FM stereo radio reception, perfect sound quality on the CD. You can also add surround sound speakers for use with home theater if you want. Includes RCA interconnect cables and speaker wires.

Minor issues: The CD player tray has a loose belt and needs a little push/pull when opening or closing. Still works fine and reliably reads discs- see video below. The belt can be replaced but it's not necessary.  The speaker grills show some wear as shown. The foam surrounds on the midrange drivers has deterirotated but the mids still sound fine as-is and should continue to work fine.

Video taken to demo working condition of the system:

Denon AVR-2600 - Made in Japan.  Includes original remote control which will also control the CD player. 75 watts per channel front, 75 watts center, 75 watts per channel rear.  375 watts total power into 8 ohm. Pre outs for front, center, and subwoofer.  Phono input for turntable. Lost os surround sound features. High quality and heavy construction. Scan of the manual can be found here:

Denon DCD-620 CD player - very little wear, works perfectly except for tray issue. Full size headphone jack with discrete volume control. Perfect sound quality. Made in Japan.

Form Factor Desktop
Date Produced 1989
Dimensions 434 x 103 x 315 mm
Weight 3.8 kg
Power Source AC 220V
Frequency Response 2Hz to 20kHz
Notes Programmable and random play modes - Headphones and output level control - Remote control capable
Additional Specifications
Signal to Noise Ratio 100 dB
Channel separation 96 dB
Harmonic distortion 0.004% THD
Dynamic range 96 dB
Digital converter PCM56P-L

Jensen Series 400 speakers - excellent sound quality, no distortion. Some cosmetic wear. Full review here:

The Jensen System 400 is a three-way speaker system consisting of a 10-inch acoustic-suspension woofer, a 3-1/2-inch high-compliance midrange cone driver, and a 1-inch soft-dome tweeter. The midrange and high-frequency speakers are acoustically isolated from the woofer within the enclosure. The crossover frequencies are 1,500 and 4,200 Hz, and the nominal system impedance is 8 ohms.

The System 400 has an acoustically transparent "minimum-diffraction grille" designed to minimize the interference effects often caused by the edges of a framed grille or by the speaker's baffle board. The grille is made of an open-weave brown cloth stretched on a molded frame that is largely open around its edges as well as in front of the speakers. A level-control knob (behind the grille) provides a continuously variable combined middle- and high-frequency adjustment calibrated from 0 to - 10 dB with a fully "off" setting. The spring-loaded connectors (which accept the stripped ends of the wire leads) are recessed into the rear of the cabinet, which is finished in walnut-grain vinyl veneer.

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