Verizon FIOS E3200 - Wi-Fi EXTENDER - 802.11ax Tri-band, WiFi6

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For Sale: This was made to work with Verizon FIOS- I don't have FIOS and am unable to fully test this it. Think it's working correctly but not positive.

During testing I reset to it factory defaults and hooked up to my computer with an ethernet cable- was able to log in to the Admin account using the default credentials printed on the back of the unit. Was able to change and save settings, Wifi passwords, SSID names, etc. No problems.

Then unhooked the ethernet cable and was able to connect over WiFi. Since I don't have FIOS internet here which uses coax cable for connection I then plugged in an ethernet cable from my Xfinity cable modem to one of the LAN ports on the back of the extender.

Results- the wireless internet connection works for a short amount of time then disconnects and the SSIDs for the extender (Verizon_CN79J6, Verizon_CN79J6_Guest, and Verizon_CN79J6_IoT) disappear until I power cycle the extender and unplug the Xfinity ethernet connection. After rebooting the extender the SSIDs eventually reappear again, can connect wirelessly again and will not disconnect even after many hours- but no internet. I think this is because this unit only will work correctly with Verizon FIOS and not Xfinity.

Original Verizon AC adapter is included. Near mint condition, clean.

User Guide and setup instructions are available online or can email a copy.
- Receives the Wi-Fi signal from your Verizon Router (CR1000A) or Fios Router (GS3100) and extends Wi-Fi coverage
- Supports the fastest Wi-Fi speeds available (Wi-Fi 6)
- Tri-band Technology for optimized Wi-Fi experience
- Dedicated Wi-Fi backhaul / Wired backhaul (MoCA 2.5 / Ethernet)
- Includes Self Organizing Networks (SON) functionality
- Enjoy a single Wi-Fi Network name throughout your home (both 2.4 & 5 GHz bands)
- Easy Install – Plug & Play

Extend the range of your Wi-Fi with the E3200 Wi-Fi Extender for 5G Home. Tri-band 4x4 antennas provide a wide and reliable Wi-Fi experience, ideal for larger homes. Dual Gigabit LAN ports allow for both wired and wireless connections. The coax port supports MoCA 2.5 LAN. And, the WPS button makes it easy to connect your devices to the network.

Extend your coverage - The E3200 extender is designed to work with your 5G Home Verizon Internet Gateway to expand the coverage of your Wi-Fi signal.

Optimal Wi-Fi experience - Wi-Fi 6 gives fast and efficient internet, allowing you to game, stream or video call with peace of mind.

Self-organizing network - Automatic band steering and access point steering using SON technology ensures your device connects to the best available connection for better performance.

Additional and higher resolution photos are available on request.

Send your zip code and city for a ship quote- should be between $7.99 and $14.99 if you are located in the US. (Jan. 2024). 


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