XBox 360 Complete VIDEOGAME SYSTEM -w/games, controller, cables+

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For Sale: Selling a classic Xbox 360 set with Jasper motherboard revision.

All functions checked and working well- no freezeups or problems. The console shows very little wear, reads game discs and DVD movie discs reliably and quickly. The tray opens and closes smoothly. The fan is not loud and works well. The controller shows some minor wear- buttons and sticks are all good, no drifting or issues. Wireless controller connection works well. Controller comes with the AA battery holder.

Also includes original power supply, a long HDMI cable, an original MS component and composite video AV cable, a controller USB cable (can be used to power the controller without batteries), and a network cable.

Includes 6 games on 7 discs:

- Fable III
- Call of Duty Black Ops II
- Battlefield 4 Discs 1 and 2
- FIFA 15 Soccer
- Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2
- Assassins Creed III - Disc 2 only

The hard drive is a 120GB model and has a LOT of stuff on it. Some of the games are not marked demo and MAY be full version but not sure. I did play Grand Theft Auto IV for a bit and it seems like full game, but don't know a lot about these. The games on the hard drive have not all been tested- they include:

- Game of Thrones
- Destiny Demo
- World of Tanks
- Fuzion Frenzy
- Golden Eye Reloaded Demo
- Resident Evil 6 Demo : Public Release
- Steel Battalion Heavy Armor Demo
- Grand Theft Auto IV
- Sniper Elite V2 Demo
- SSX Demo
- IL - 2 Sturmovik (demo)
- Catherine Demo
- Doritos Crash Course
- Darkest of Days Demo
- Battlefield 3 Open Beta
- Toy Soldiers: Cold War
- Warhammer 40,000 Space Marine Demo
- Homefront MP Demo
- Sonic Free Riders Demo
- Dragon Age II Demo
- Avatar Gol - nail'd Demo
- Dead Space 2 Demo
- Enslaved Demo
- R.U.S.E. Demo
- Mass Effect 2 Demo
- Just Cause 2 Demo
- SC Conviction Demo
- Dead Rising Demo
- Hexic HD

Additional higher resolution photos are available on request. 

Send your zip code and city for a shipping estimate- should be between $11.99 and $23.99 if you are in the US. (Feb. 2023). 


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