Yamaha MDX-793 - MINIDISC RECORDER - mini disc, made in Japan

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For Sale: Tested and working classic Yamaha mini disc player/recorder.

Shows very little wear and works great. Carefully checked and no issues found. Perfect sound quality. Loads and ejects discs correctly. All controls, inputs, outputs, display, etc. are working as they should.  Includes two new/sealed discs to get you started.

Video of the deck being tested here:  https://drive.google.com/open?id=170YapSEOmfZlYKCCmX1biQReYel2hj0u

More info from Minidisc.org here: http://www.minidisc.org/yamaha_mdx793_manual.html


  • A sampling rate converter that lets you make digital recordings from 32 kHz (DAT, etc.) program sources.
  • Editing features (MOVE, ERASE, DIVIDE, COMBINE, TITLE, and UNDO) that let you take full advantage of the MD recording system.
  • Multiple digital INPUT terminals (2 optical inputs and 1 coaxial input) let you connect up to three different digital program sources.
  • The digital optical OUTPUT terminal lets you output digital audio from an MD. (This is not possible if MD is a direct copy of another digital signal (see Copy Protection (SCMS))
  • In addition to the standard disc and track repeat modes, this unit also has a part (A-B) repeat mode that lets you repeat a specific part of a track.
  • Synchro Record lets you make synchronized recording from any type of source component.
  • Time Rescue Record monitor the sound being input and allows you to recover sound input from a point approximately four seconds before you start the recording operation. (So you will not miss the beginning of a song when recording directly from the radio, etc.)
  • The Monaural Record mode lets you record up to 148 minutes of audio onto one MD.** (Stereo/Monaural switch accessible only via remote control)
  • Timer playback and recording modes that let you start playback or recording at a preset time using an optional audio timer.


Parts Descriptions
  Front Panel
  Remote Control

  Analog Connections
  Digital Connections

  Skipping Tracks
  Switching the Display
  Random Play
  Repeat Play
  Single Track Repeat
  Full Disc Repeat
  Part (A-B) Repeat
  Program Play

  Recording Level
  Auto Marking
  Time Rescue Recording
  Synchro Recording
  Monaural Recording
  Monitor Out

  Disc Erase
  Track Erase
  Part Erase


Timer Operations
  Timer Recording
  Timer Playback

MD System Limitations

Copy Protection (SCMS)

Notes Regarding the Remote Control
  Remote Control Operation Range
  Battery Installation

Trouble Shooting

Display Messages

Email for additional and/or higher resolution images.

Email your zip code for a shipping quote- should be between $11.99 and $22.99 if you are in the continental USA. (June 2019).


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