Philco 1959 dual mono tube amplifiers, guitar ready, w/speakers


For Sale: Two almost identical Philco tube amp chassis in great working condition- they look and sound like they came out of a time warp. Actually removed from a high end 1950's record player floor console. To my ear these sound VERY good when an electric guitar is plugged directly into one or both- very clean sound, no static, no hum, can get pretty loud. No modification needed.

Each amplifier has all their original 1959 Philco branded tubes which include two 6V6GT, one 12AX7, and one 5Y3GT rectifier tube. The capacitors appear to be all original and there are a bunch of Sprague bumblebees in each.

The included speakers are all original USA made Philcos and include ELECTROSTATIC COLUMN TWEETERS which are working well- they sound like "supertweeters" to me. The regular tweeter is mounted in front of the woofer. All four cones are in excellent shape with no holes, rips, tears, or voice coil rubbing. They all use alnico magnets.

The speakers each measure about 7 ohms DCR on my meter. I also tried both amps with electric guitar plugged directly into the RCA inputs along with a 12" 8 ohm Celestion guitar speaker and the sound quality was very good in my opinion. Surprisingly the original speakers sounded great with guitar- not usually someone who would recommend tweeters with guitar but these have a very nice crisp clean sound. Obviously not a huge amount of bass with the vintage "hi-fi" 10" drivers but at medium volume the bass is "punchy" IMO. I used guitar with dual Super 70 humbuckers to test and the system will distort some if you turn everything up to 10 but if you dial it back a bit it sounds great and pretty loud even with the speakers not being in cabs.

One amp has four dials- input selector (off, phono mono, phono stereo, tuner/tape mono, tuner/tape stereo). Both amps have volume, bass, and treble dials. All are working correctly, no static or scratchiness as they were just cleaned with electronic contact cleaner. The amp with four dials has a cord that supplies 120 vac power to the second amp, and in RCA output to connect the two.

Also tested with a CD player. Both channels very clear, good full range sound quality. Can get loud, no distortion or hum. Put these in a custom cabinet with or without the speakers (or use regular guitar speakers) for a switchable stereo/mono combo amplifier or amp head. Or make two separate guitar amps. Recap and modify or just use as-is. You can also use these just for listing to music from a CD player, turntable, tuner, MP3 player, etc. I can include the tested and working stereo record changer for free if you want it- seems to be fully working on all functions and sound quality is decent, has newer cartridge, some restoration has been done, shows cosmetic wear.

Demo video with CD player:

With electric guitar:

Additional high resolution photos are available by request.

Email me your zip code and your city for a shipping quote- should be between $X.99 and $X.99 if you live in the USA (June 2022).


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