Two 1960 Raytheon 12AU7 VACUUM TUBE for amplifier/preamplifier

Price :

For Sale- Lot #5.  Two tested and working legendary USA made Raytheon 12au7 tubes in nice condition.

These tubes tested very strong at 880/900 and 900/890.
Tested on a Hickok 799 tube tester- on this tester anything below 420 is considered bad and should be replaced.


These are USA made Raytheon tubes with 1960 date code.  They were removed from a Baldwin organ and have the Baldwin logo on them.  Marked P28060-09C 16l9 AJ. Most have good lettering-see photos for details on the tubes in this lot.  I try to pair up tubes by the test results so these will match as closely as possible. Test results are written on top of tubes with easily removable dry erase pen.


Organ manufacturers were able to buy the best quality/lowest noise tubes of the day and these are a good example.  Hear what you have been missing with cheaper modern tubes...

Send your zip code for ship cost- should be between $3.95 and $5.95 if you are in the continental USA (Nov. 2012).


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