Hammarlund Comet Pro - 1930's TUBE HAM RADIO RECEIVER - Var. 1


For Sale:  This radio appears to be complete except for the front panel screws. All tubes are here. Powered it up slowly with a variac and the dial light comes on, tubes light up, but otherwise untested.  Looks complete and all original. Probably made around 1932.  Some wear, can use some cleanup.

There are two coils(?) that are marked DD 115-250 OSC and DD 115-250 W.L. included, as shown.

This is PROBABLY a "Variety 1" model but not positive.

Additional higher resolution photos are available on request.

Send your zip code and city for a ship quote- should be between $14.99 and $39.99 if you are in USA. (Nov. 2022).


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