Kalart Victor 80-25 - 16MM SOUND MOVIE PROJECTOR - w/extras!

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For Sale: Classic complete 16mm film movie projector in exceptional condition with an extra new bulb, extra new belts, takeup reel, film splicer, and cover. Made in USA probably late 1960's.

Instruction/Threading Chart sheet included for Series 75/70, looks correct for this model as well.

I tested as carefully as possible without any film and appears to be working 100%. The installed bulb is good, all controls appear to be working correctly, front and back reel holders move correctly, motor is pretty smooth, sprockets move appropriately, etc. The sound feature seems good- when switched on the bulb lights, and when volume and tone are turned all the way up you can hear just a tiny bit of "presence" with speaker hooked up.

Pretty clean and shows very little wear.

Extras include a new/bagged 22216 belt, a new/bagged 23217 belt, a new/bagged unknown part #399, and a third belt that looks new but is not in packaging. Also a boxed EJL 24 V 200 watt lamp. A Craig Kalart Victor Master Six Splicer with box and instructions, shows a little bit of wear. Heavy duty cover with two zipper side pouches store takeup reel and accessories. It's in nice condition, both zippers are good.

Video taken to demo working condition see it here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1_mWK-wjF9DCo6XkfatSf8p6YhnOsOiHv

Email for additional higher resolution photos.

Send your zip code for shipping cost estimate - should be between $18.99 and $44.99 if you are in the US. (Nov. 2018).


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