For Sale:  Vintage classic sampling synth keyboard that was carefully checked 7/9/23 and found to be working great- no issues at all. Made in Japan around 1986.  Very cool sounding IMO. Not quite mint but in extra nice condition, clean, no apparent damaged, repaired, or replaced parts. Purchased from the original owner (an audio engineer) about a year ago and am pretty sure he only used it in his home studio.

Includes 33 original Korg Sound Library sample discs and 6 JVC branded homemade discs. The floppy drive is working well as are all the keys, the display, backlight, sliders, buttons, joystick, switches, etc. Didn't test all the discs but the ones I did check all loaded up fine. If you want to avoid using the discs to load samples you can purchase an inexpensive floppy emulator/replacement online that will allow you to load up ALL the samples as well as hundreds (1000's?) more on a USB flash drive or memory card for very fast access. Am pretty sure you can download for free all the original Korg Sound Library samples as well as many more.

The original very thick (and slightly worn) manual is included as well as some misc. paperwork, and a book titled" The Kog DSS-1 Sampler Making It Happen".

YouTube video was taken to demonstrate working condition: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p32poYZQQ9c

This vintage instrument has it's own WikiPedia page with lots more info and there are quite a few demo videos made by pros that showcase the sounds and features.

The stand shown in photos is not included

The DSS-1 is a 12-bit sampler with analog filters and envelopes. It can sample at 12-bit resolution, with a maximum sampling frequency of 48 kHz. The usual sample editing features are included, such as truncate, loop, crossfade, keymapping, and so on. Multisamples can contain up to 16 individual samples. A single floppy disk can hold 4 "systems", each of which stores 32 patches including all subtractive synthesis parameters and the multisamples used in those patches. ..

It came out at a time when many of the popular synthesizer companies were beginning to get into sampling, an area of sound design that had previously been left to a handful of fledgling companies such as Fairlight, E-mu, and Ensoniq....

Additional higher resolution photos available on request.. 

Send your zip code and hometown for a ship estimate - should be between $24.99 and $69.99 if you are located in lower 48 US states. (July 2023). 


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