Yamaha EX5 SYNTHESIZER WORKSTATION keyboard - w/discs, manuals,+


For Sale:  Excellent shape fully tested and working classic Japanese made workstation keyboard. This is from the late 1990's.


Comes with Non-volatile 8MB Flash Memory option installed and even has the original box/paperwork the memory came with. This option saves whatever samples are loaded when the synth is powered off.

Picked this up about a year ago from the original owner who was an audio engineer, am pretty sure this was only used in his home studio and that's the reason it's in such nice shape. Only wear I see is a pretty small scratch above the "9" keypad button and some minor wear to the finish on the bottom, otherwise in near mint condition. Carefully checked on 7/9/23 and everything is working correctly- all keys good, backlit LCD display is good, all sliders, buttons, functions, features, sounds, etc are working correctly. No issues. The patches that are currently loaded onto the synth sound excellent. The onboard floppy drive is working well and it's a standard 1.44MB computer type so if it ever needs replacing they are inexpensive and very easy to find.

Includes: Original manuals. 10 factory floppy discs in box labeled EX Bonus Pack- Bonus Voice and Sample Pack. And four EX5 Demonstration discs. A book titled "The Joy of EX" with companion disc. A Yamaha CD ROM in original case labeled "Sound and Utility CD Rom". An unused sheet of adhesive "Labels for EX5/7 Jacks and Terminals.

YouTube video taken to demo working condition: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=po9UK9qeS1o

Stand shown in photos is not included.
The Yamaha EX5 is a synthesizer/workstation produced by Yamaha from 1998 to 2000. The EX5 combines several methods of sound generation (see below). The later released EX7 was a cheaper version of the EX5 with fewer keys, polyphony, sounds and functions. The Yamaha EX music synthesizers, along with the early Yamaha S series, were the predecessors of the Motif workstation series.


The Yamaha EX5 (EX stands for Extended Synthesis) uses four different tone generators for generating sounds. These are AWM2 (Advanced Wave Memory), AN (Analog Physical Modeling), FDSP (Formulated Digital Sound Processing) and VL (Virtual Acoustic) synthesis. The fifth sound source is Sample-based synthesis. Sounds can be assembled up to a maximum of 4 tones, each from a different tone generator.

The EX5 has extensive sampling capabilities. Samples can be used in AWM sounds, or assigned to individual keys on the keyboard and saved to floppy disk or an external storage device. The sample memory is 1MB, and this can be expanded to 65MB with volatile SIMM memory. Non-volatile Flash Memory can be installed to allow samples to be retained between power cycles.

Additional higher resolution photos available on request.. 

Send your zip code and hometown for a ship estimate - should be between $29.99 and $79.99 if you are located in lower 48 US states. (July 2023). 


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