Android 10 CAR RADIO - 9" LCD, GPS, WiFi, USB, camera, like new

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For Sale: Selling a tested and working Andoid 10.1 2x DIN car radio stereo in mint or near mint shape. Has 2GB RAM and 16GB storage.

Powered up by attaching 12volt DC power to the black, (negative) and red & yellow (positive) wire. Booted right up to Android 10.1, has Google Play store app installed so you can download and install millions of compatible apps.

Paired up with home Wifi- works well. Played back some MP3 files from USB flash drive, works great. Transferred some music files from flash drive to internal memory. Played back video files fine. Started the FM radio app- gets good reception, good sound. Everything I tried worked 100% including the touchscreen, nice bright sharp LCD display, all controls, all the apps, etc. I hooked up the included waterproof backup camera to one of the RCA video inputs and clicked on the Aux app and got a clear picture, see photos. Weatherproof backup camera has built in LED lights. Has bluetooth for connecting to phone and a mirroring app is installed.

Comes with magnetic puck GPS antenna and am sure the GPS is working, before I did factory reset there was a GPS app installed which worked well, currently only Google Maps app is installed for mapping which requires WiFi connection.

Includes various cables and screws. Some installation setup paperwork. The main plug connector is marked "Old CRV" so it's possibly for an older model Honda CR-V but you can clip the wires and use with any car's connectors, or just wire directly. The removable back mounting plate could be for a Honda as well, not sure. There are also two sets of cables with RCA and other connectors on them for connection to external amplifier, subwoofer, video inputs and outputs, USB, etc.

NOTE: this will definitely work as a car stereo, MP3 player, video player, video monitor with the backup camera, internet browser, and some other things without any issues. If you want to configure it to work with all your car controls perfectly or install additional features you are going to have to be technically proficient with Android stuff and know what you are doing.

Additional higher resolution photos are available on request. 

Send your zip code and city for a ship quote- should be between $7.99 and $14.99 if you are located in the USA. (Nov. 2023). 

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