Stereo System - Kenwood KR-910 Receiver, Bose Sub, Cube speakers


For Sale: Complete stereo system- sounds most excellent especially when playing music from audio CDs.

Includes cable that will connect to any phone or MP3 player with a standard 3.5mm headphone jack.

The receiver is a classic 1980's Kenwood model KR-910. Working great- excellent full range sound quality with no distortion, hum, or static. Good FM stereo reception, good AM radio reception, good stereo indicator LED light, good signal strength LED lights. Has Phono inputs for hooking up a classic turntable record player. Two sets of tape deck inputs and outputs that can also be used to hook up other devices, currently one tape input is connected to the included CD player and the other tape input has the cable for connecting to a phone or MP3 player. Receiver has just been cleaned and shows very little wear. The volume control pot as well as the Bass, Treble, and Balance pots have just been cleaned with electronic contact cleaner so there is no static when adjusted. Only minor issue found is that the indicator lights for the Tape 2, Tuner, and Phono are burnt out, this does not cause any problems and the switches work fine.

The speakers are a pair of classic Bose irect/reflecting mini Cubes drivers and a model Acoustimass 3 Series III passive subwoofer. Room filling sound in a small package. Including some pretty long speaker cables so the sub can be placed on floor behind or under furniture, the Cubes can be placed pretty much anywhere like on a bookshelf, table, or mounted on the wall. Truly room filling sound, can get quite loud without breaking up, great bass, great imaging.

The disc player is a single tray JVC model XV-N212. Plays audio CDs, DVDs, VCD, and Super VCDs. Works 100%, excellent condition. Controls on the front for Play, next track, pause, stop, etc. No remote control is needed. Silver color matches well with the Kenwood and looks good sitting underneath it.

Excellent compact system for places where space is limited, dorm rooms, or even as your main system. Great starter stereo if you want to avoid buying new overpriced but cheaply made equipment...

Additional high resolution photos available on request. 

Send your zip code and city for a shipping quote - should be between $19.99 and $44.99 if you are located in United States of America. (April 2023). 


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