Technics SL-Q200 direct drive TURNTABLE - record player w/Pickering cart & stylus


For Sale: Classic  tested and cleaned 1980's Japanese made Technics turntable record player.

YouTube video taken to demo working condition:

Includes the original Pickering p-mount phono cartridge and a genuine Pickering DLE stylus that sounds excellent to me- full range with great bass and highs, no skipping, no hum, no distortion. Good quality Monster Cable RCA interconnects are included and so is the original ground wire.

This is direct drive and the speed is dead on correct for both 33 and 45 RPM as the front strobe light indicates. It's a semi automatic turntable and auto return and shutoff works great every time. To play a record you make sure the cuing switch is in the Up position, then you move the tonearm over to the first track. The table automatically powers on and platter spins up. You move the cuing switch over to Down position and the tonearm slowly lowers and album plays, at end of the album the tonearm raises up, moves back to holder, lowers, and table powers off.

This shows minor cosmetic wear. See photos. The worst of the wear is a small hairline crack in the clear dust cover towards the left hand side, not bad at all. The dust cover and hinges are otherwise in decent condition- very often the tabs on these covers get broken off due to rough handling, and the hinges can fail too. On this one they are in good condition.

Additional and higher resolution photos are available on request.

Email or message me for a ship quote - it should be between $12.99 and $19.99 if you in the continental United States of America. (June 2024). 

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