Satellite Radio - Audiovox Sirius SIR-PNP3 + BOOMBOX, ACTIVATED!

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For Sale: Tested and working ACTIVATED Sirius XM satellite radio receiver and Jensen boombox.

Excellent sound quality and can get pretty loud. Howard Stern 100, 101, tons of music, news, traffic stations... Radio shows some cosmetic wear but works 100%, no issues. All buttons and dial good, good LCD display, bright backlight. Boombox dock is in mint or near mint shape and includes original worn box and some of the styrofam packing.

Includes original power supply and satellite antenna with a very long cable.

This radio is activated meaning you can receive the stations and don't have to pay any fees. Most sellers call this "Lifetime Activation" but what is much more likely is the radio was activated some years ago but never received the kill signal from Sirius. So as long as you do NOT reset to Factory Defaults the radio will continue to receive all the 100+ channels that were originally assigned to it. I have owned this particular radio for over a year and it's always worked fine and received the stations without need to pay any fees. It's updated the channels from satellite many times. Have sold about 6 similar Sirius Sportster/Audiovox/Jensen radios over the years and all continue to work fine except for the one person who decided he wanted to see what would happen if he reset the radio to Factory Defaults. He ended up with a radio that was no longer activated- so don't do this.

I have a similar radio in my car and have been using it for over 5 years and it's always received the stations fine, no fees paid. I used to offer these as "probably Lifetime Activated" radios but after speaking with someone local who works for Sirius XM he told me that these "pre-merger" radios that are still activated will remain activated indefinitely. He told me he has several of the Sirus Sportster models and they all continue to receive stations, no fees paid. He said that models produced AFTER the Sirius XM merger will NOT remain activated.

Boombox can also run on standard D cell batteries. You can also plug in any MP3 player or phone that uses a standard size headphone jack.

Please email for additional and/or higher resolution images.

Send me your zip code for a ship quote - probably will be between $10.99 and $19.99 if you are located in the continental USA. (Feb. 2016).


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