Technics SL-1400 stereo Turntable w/Grado G-1+ cart,G1+/S stylus

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For Sale: Best find of the year?  An extra clean classic 1970's Japanese made direct drive semi automatic stereo turntable. Near "time warp" condition.

Includes a great sounding and mint condition Grado G-1+ phono cartridge with an original G1+/S, Black Plate, 2 Yellow Dots stylus. Not sure how much use it has seen but going by the excellent sound quality would guess very little. No distortion, no hum, no skipping, no issues.

All the features on this turntable are working correctly. It's a semi automatic model which means to play an album you move the tonearm over to the first track and the platter spins up. Lower the cuing lever and the tonearm gently drops and record plays, at the end of the record the tonearm automatically raises up, returns to holder, lowers, and table powers off. Works correctly 100% of the time.

The speed and pitch controls are working correctly and the neon strobe shows speed to be accurate and steady on both 33 and 45 RPM. Dust cover is clean and shows very little wear, no chips or cracks, good hinges, stays upright when opened. Headshell is metal and original to the turntable.

A YouTube video was taken during testing:
- With Special Grado Stylus
Retail Price: $299.00

The Grado G1+ Super Stereo Phono Pickup was the second top model at that special golden time when cartridges, LPs and turntables reigned supreme. It has the highly regarded Special Grado Stylus. This along with the Super Stereo design reproduces music with grace and excellence portraying a wide sound field that has a superior sense of timbre, detail and depth.

Grado G-1+ Phono Cartridge Specifications
- Mounting: ½ centers
- Type: Moving Iron
- Output voltage: 3mV @ 3.54 CMV (45 degrees)
- Frequency response: 10-60,000 Hz
- Channel separation: Average 25dB, 10-30,000 Hz
- Input load: 10,000 Ohms or more
- Inductance: 55 mH
- DC resistance: 700 Ohms
- Stylus type: Special Grado Stylus
- Stylus replacement: G1+/S, Black Plate, 2 Yellow Dots
- Tracking force: 1.5 g
- Recommended tracking force: 1.5 g
- Weight: 4.5 g
Technics SL-1400 (1976-1978)

Equipped with the same smooth, silent auto-return tonearm control mechanism and output muting circuit as the SL-1300, the semi-automatic SL-1400 meets most audiophiles needs. Automatic output muting cuts off irritating noise caused when the stylus is set down or lifted off the disc and is most effective when the tonearm is being manually operated with the cueing lever.

Type: semi-automatic turntable
Drive method: direct drive
Motor: ultra low speed brushless DC motor
Control type: servo control
Platter: 330mm, 2.5kg, aluminium alloy diecast
Speeds: 33 and 45rpm
Pitch control: 10%
Wow and flutter: 0.03% WRMS
Rumble: -70dB
Tonearm: universal, s-shaped, tubular
Effective length: 230mm
Overhang: 15mm
Offset angle: 21.5 degrees
Dimensions: 139 x 366 x 453mm
Weight: 8.1kg

Additional high resolution photos available on request. 

Send your zip code and city for a shipping quote - should be between $18.99 and $36.99 if you are located in United States of America. (April 2023). 

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