1950's Baldwin TUBE AMPLIFIER chassis, Model H Tone Cabinet


For Sale:   VERY HEAVY untested and unknown condition tube amp removed from a Baldwin Model H Tone Cabinet.   Brass ID plate is included as are 3 Mullard/Raytheon 6V6GT tubes (Made in England), one other 6V6GT tube, a 67N7 preamplifier tube.  Also uses a 5U4 rectifier tube but that was missing when I found it.  Not positive but looks like it may have been recapped at some point.  This drove two 15" speakers.

If you don't want/need the tubes will offer lower price. 

Email for additional/higher resolution photos.

Send your zip code for ship cost - should be between $12.99 and $37.99 if you are in the continental US (listed August 2013).


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