Toshiba Tecra 700CT - LAPTOP COMPUTER - Pentium 120, 16MB RAM, Windows 98 DOS 6.2

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For Sale: Vintage 1990's Toshiba Satellite Tecra 700CT laptop with a Pentium 120Mhz CPU and 16MB RAM.

YouTube demo video here:

The genuine Toshiba 5600mAH Li-Ion battery is currently (7/7/24) working and will charge to 100% - see video. Battery included as-is, seems good not sure how long it will last and it could die tomorrow.

Laptop appears to be in pretty good working condition (see video) with some issues: the floppy drive will usually spin up but does not read discs. As seen in photos it's misssing small PCMCIA cover. Otherwise everything else currently seems to be working- the Accupoint control stick and buttons are good. All the keys on the keyboard are working. The TFT color LCD has has sharp color, nice and bright. I see one TINY bright pixel but it's almost impossible to spot when in use and it's about 1/32" from the left hand of the screen. Built in hardware volume control and audio working correctly. PCMCIA slots tested good. BIOS battery seems to be good, not positive though. The original Toshiba AC adapter/charger is included and is working well.

Hard drive is 1.2GB. Windows 98SE and DOS 6.22 freshly installed. For testing I tried Raptor, Diablo, MAME, and some 8 bit emulators- they seem to be working fine although most don't fill the screen as shown in listing photos, this due to the screen, the games want 640x480 . Win98 setup files, various utilities, shareware, vintage game setup files are also on the hard drive. Some will work, some will need tweeking, some won't work.

It's pretty clean. Overall pretty good cosmetic with some minor wear here and there, see photos. If you look close at the top of the case it's a bit mottled looking, may clean up but didn't try that hard. Sold as a vintage collectible currently working well- have run probably 15 hours over last few weeks and booted 50+ times. Haven't tested every little thing on this laptop but it's described honestly and as accurately as possible.

Will pack securely with bubble wrap and styrofoam.

 - CPU  Intel Pentium 120MHz
 - Memory Type  EDO SODIMM
 - Standard Memory  16MB 
 - Max Memory  48MB
 - Hard Drive  1,200MB IDE Hard Drive
 - C&T CT65546 graphics 
 - ESS688 audio w/stereo speakers
 - 11.3" TFT Active Matrix display 800x600
 - PC Card Slots  Two Type II or One Type III PC Card Slot
 - Lithium Ion battery - 10.8 volts, 5600mAH
 - SVGA video port, serial port, parallel port, PS/2 keyboard ports, PS/2 mouse port, 
 - Infrared transmitter/receiver, line/headphone out, mic input, external floppy port

Additional and higher resolution photos are available on request.

Email or message me for a ship quote - it should be between $10.99 and $22.99 if you in the continental United States of America. (June 2024). 

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