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13 East Coast SOCCER CLUB PATCHES, new - Futbol

For Sale: Lot #1. Various soccer patches from NJ and NY youth soccer associations. All appear to be ... more info
14+ pounds - LEGO PARTS LOT - star wars, mini figures, vehicles+

For Sale: 14.5 pounds of Lego.  All parts are clean, no broken or damaged parts are apparent. ... more info
15 NES Nintendo GAME SLEEVES- solid black, good shape

Lot #4. 15 NES sleeves all nice and clean, no problems. Photos show 60+ sleeves but this listing is ... more info
15 vintage - ATLANTIC CITY POSTCARDS - unused, some linen 1940's

For Sale:  Bunch of unused postcards all referring to Atlantic City.  Most show very ... more info
16 good quality HO MODEL RAILROAD TRAIN CARS, various makers

For Sale:  Various makers, various condition. I think 90% or more are in usuable condition ... more info
16mm metal - MOVIE PROJECTOR TAKE UP REELS - various sizes

Please note the cost of $10.00 is NOT for all the reels. If you want them all will give a good ... more info
17 lbs. of Lego Parts - some rare sets, Disney Train, motor+

For Sale:  Lot of around 17 pounds of Lego pieces and lots of mini figures. Confirmed some of ... more info
17th Century England - RED RIVER IRONSTONE PLATES - 5 pcs.

For Sale: 5 plates in mint or near mint shape with no cracks or chips or stains. These look ... more info
18 inch ZILDJIAN CYMBAL - medium crash, 1614 grams for drum set

For Sale - Listing is for an older 18" Avedis Zildjian cymbal made in USA. Looks to be in good ... more info
18 Nintendo plastic clamshell ORIGINAL GAME BOY GAME CASES

18 clamshell cases for the first generation Game Boy games. Photos only show 16 but I found two ... more info
18 pounds of LEGO blocks, Friends, Minifigures, Troll figures, +

For Sale:  All these wonderful blocks and accessories weigh a total of 18 pounds and 11 ... more info
19 vintage DECAL SHEETS from model planes & boats- some rare

For Sale: FREE SHIPPING IN THE USA!!!!! Please click on this link to view a Google/Picasa album ... more info
1926 vintage LANSING COMPANY CATALOG No. 12- 168 pages, wheels+

For Sale:  Vintage illustrated General catalog.  Tagline is Keep Your Product on ... more info

Vintage pocket art booklet printed in 1928 by The Studio Ltd in London England. I think there are ... more info
1930's Atwater Kent Model 40 TUBE RADIO RECEIVER for restoration

For Sale:  Vintage receiver.  Untested and unknown condtion.  All the tubes except ... more info
1930's Grunow 589 Teledial TUBE RADIO CHASSIS, parts/restore

For Sale- Untested and unknown condition.  Complete with all 5 tubes: Tung Sol 80Sylvania ... more info
1930's RCA? - 4 SIX SIDED KNOBS & VIEW WINDOW for tube radio

For Sale- Here are 4 knobs, one viewer cover, and two screws that came with a 5 tube radio chassis ... more info
1930's RCA? - TUBE RADIO CHASSIS w/tubes - parts/restoration

For Sale- Untested and unknown condition.  Comes with all 5 tubes: two RCA 32RCA Radiotron ... more info
1940's 50's - STEAMPUNK - brass and metal spring/reverb speaker

For Sale: A work of functional art rendered in heavy cast brass with thick steel springs, ... more info
1940's Corona Floating Shift PORTABLE TYPEWRITER, working good

For Sale- Tested and working rare vintage manual typewriter in nice shape. All keys tested and none ... more info
1940's Gray E-3043-S MILLIVOLT POTENTIOMETER, wooden case

For Sale- I believe this is a potentiometer from the 1940's or 1950's. Untested and unknown ... more info


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